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Unanswered Questions

From time to time I am asked a question which I think is worth mentioning – or sometimes where I actually don’t know the answer! Here are some of these. If anybody can offer answers then please leave a comment. See also Answered Questions,

Why are the City colours black and red?

Why do the City of London bollards have 8 stars?

When the Newgate Execution bell was rung, why was it 12 times?

Why were dishes used instead of cups in the coffee houses?

What was in the bottom compartment of a police call post?

Why did the Lombardis (City Goldsmiths) have long beards?

What does the contemporary Pickwick Club do?

How much did spectacles cost in the 1670s?

Why does scraping metal from a bell lower its tone?

Was St Paul’s Shadwell rebuilt in its original style?

Where exactly was the News International print works?

Were there many churches in Limehouse?

Why is St Anne’s, Limehouse so big?

What is served at an Execution Breakfast?
This relates to the Magpie and Stump pub which stands on the street called Old Bailey opposite what was once the site of public executions. The landlord made a nice earning by providing guests with a first floor room where they could watch the action at the gallows whilst enjoying an Execution Breakfast.


Please also see Answered Questions.